Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Do you offer a single fixed price quote and take care of everything?

A- Yes, once you have approved our design recommendations the price will become fixed, part of our Hassle Free service is that we take care of everything.

Q- Can I supply my own products or trades person?

Generally no… Complete Bathrooms™ ‘hassle free’ quality and service assurances are what we pride ourselves and our reputation on and we won’t compromise on that.

Q- How long does it all take?

As a guide

>> Initial site meeting and budgeting; 1/2 a day
>> Concept development and planning; 2-4 weeks
>> Project works; 3-6 weeks

Q- What if you flood or burn down my house?

Ow tough question – We have procedural ‘fail safes’ that mitigate most all likeliness for any disasters, if the unthinkable did happen we have full public liability insurance and we insist the same of our subcontractors plus only work with reputable products and materials with like warranties.

- How long does my warranty last and what does it cover?

As standard we offer a minimum 10 year warranty on all labour, product and material warranties vary between each supplier.

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